本月推薦 | 限時免費 | 繪本書庫 | 大師精選 |
作者:Jin Jie Ye
插畫:Jin Jie Ye
出版社:Snowflake Books Ltd
Fantastic dragon palaces and powerful dragons surrounded by thunder and lightning: these have been the traditional images of dragons among the Chinese people who believed that the Dragon Kings controlled the waters of lakes and rivers and could create floods or droughts. For thousands of years Chinese people have formed myths about dragons and have given these imaginary creatures god-like powers of glamour and strength. In this book, however, we see that even the wise and courteous Dragon Kings can sometimes be foolish and bad-tempered, which is a reflection of the good and bad qualities of human nature. Although he has to face these mighty dragons, the hero Liu Yi behaves bravely and properly to deliver the letter of the lost Princess to her Dragon King father. Liu Yi shows the traditional Chinese values of loyalty and faithfulness to keep promises, especially when these are given to ladies. This can be compared to stories of medieval Chivalry in the West where knights were honour bound to rescue beautiful ladies in great trouble.